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December 10, 2015 - william woolverton

Forum Marketing an 8 step guide

Forum Marketing an 8 step guide

There is sometime confusion about forum marketing and how to actually use it. With that being said, what is forum marketing? Forum Marketing: is the use of public/private forums to share your experience to answer questions that other members have. the goal of forum marketing is to build your reputation and establishing trust, so that will do business with you.

Forum marketing has and is one of my favorite marketing tech-nicks.


  1. You get to interact with your potential customers.
  2. You get to see what your potential customers are looking for. (what kind of product they want)

These are just two of the main reasons out of the many that there are.

So, with all of that said lets move onto the guide.

1. Finding your niche forum and sign up.

  • Type “your niche forum” into your search engine and choose the first five sites.
  • Look through the post, some sites have thousands of post, but some are spammy.
  • Sign up to just one forum for now.

2. Filling out your profile and signature.

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If forum marketing is done the right way, you’ll get a bunch of profile and signature views. Make sure both are filled out.


  • name should be business name
  • include the URL and social media leaks
  • explain what your business does and a few sentence’s
  • fill out blog post if the forum offers it


  • Make it to the point, use anchor text to shorten it
  • make it stand out, use bold and/or colored text
  • way too your lead magnet, exclusive offer, two catch raiders eyes

3. Into

Don’t just hang out and read the post, get involved!!! This is what forum marketing is all about, getting involved. Answer questions, ask some questions, gets a know your audience.

A lot of forums have an introduction section on their site. Don’t just say “hi”, think about your answer. Give a reason why you’re using the forum. (networking with business owners, give and receive advice, etc.) Don’t forgets to explain your business. (don’t be spammy)

4. Value

Most people fail and forum marketing because they don’t add value. Now if you can’t add value to the post, don’t post. There are a lot of people who simply post for the link, but fail and the long run.

You want and need people to notice you. If they notice your links it helps you build trust. Once you’ve created informative answers and questions you’ll see your profile Count grow and your signature link will grow as well too. You want to and need to establish yourself as someone there to improve the community.

5. Oh avoiding spam

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I know I’ve mentioned this before but please don’t post just for of the sake of posting for a signature link. If you are getting clicks it’s probably admin fixing to ban you. Yes of course you can say thank you, agree, etc. Just don’t make it a habit. Make sure most to all of your post involve value.

Note: do not get any services that offers to build profile links, signature links, and the likes, without talking to them first. More than likely there “forum marketing” will consist of spamming forums on your behalf. What sucks is your paying for them to ruin your name. Of course there are exceptions, there are some SEO companies that will build your profile and such in the natural and organic way.

6. Increasing your feedback

A lot of niche forums will have a feedback system. You know like Warrior forum, Ebay, Amazon you are able to give and receive feedback. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. When you get involved in a deal, give feedback. It will help in the long run and to establish your business as a reputable member of the forum. The great thing about forum marketing is if they are looking for what you are offering they will come to you.

7. Lead magnet

Advertiser lead magnet in your signature to get you more clicks. Just remember your lead magnet needs to answer a pacific question for the best targeted traffic there is.

8. Stay in touch

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You don’t just want to join a forum to posts an offer and then stop because you’re not successful. The trick to forum marketing is getting involved with the discussion.

continuously post, think of new offers, and ways to help people. This will help build up your reputation.

Try and post two to three times a week, it will help build up your reputation.



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