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December 2, 2015 - william woolverton

6 Steps Plan To Make $1,000 From Simple Review Sites

Review Sites a Simple 6 Steps Plan To Make $1,000

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How can that be? Well that’s what I’m going to show you here about review sites.

Review sites are great, you can make a passive income from them with little to very little work.

You know every day there are hundreds of thousands of products bought on-line, whether that be physical or electronic products. A lot of people look at the review sites before purchasing a product. The reason for this is because we want something of true value for OUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Don’t you get mad when you buy a product and it just doesn’t live up to all the hype?

Yes you do, just like everyone else. Who doesn’t want to know if what they are planning on buying is worth the money, because of this people read reviews of what other people say about a product.

1. Choose the Niche the Review Sites is In.

You need to decide what your review sites will be about.

Digital or physical review sites.

Hint: follow your passion to make it easier and more enjoyable.

2. Choosing a Domain Name.

It’s that simple, once you know your niche and what type of review sites you can come up with a domain name.

Here’s a free website to find a domain name fast and free http://www.bustaname.com/

Just add some words you like and then you get to see the available domain names.

Check out http://retailmenot.com for some cheap domain name’s $0.99

3. Get Some Hosting.5558142 hosting character laptop shows www internet or website h

This step is just in case you don’t already have a hosting company like Hostgater for your review sites.

You’ll want to find a good hosting company for this one, with little down time, high security features, etc.

Because of the importance of hosting, I’m going to suggest http://www.hostgater.com

4. Install WordPress & Theme

Now that you have your domain name and hosting it’s time to install WordPress and pick a theme for your review sites.

Installing WordPress is easy to do just look on Youtube for a video for your hosting company on installing WordPress.

Yes, you can use a free theme or buy one it’s up to you.

I would like to suggest http://wp7in1.co theme here.

While where kind of on the subject let me tell you about a powerful plugin called WP Affiliate Review Builder.

Check out the demo, did I mention it’s cheap very cheap, here’s the demo link http://www.wpmarketertools.com/affiliate-review-builder/#buy

5. Get a Review Copy.

Now what? Well you are going to need access to the products you are going to be reviewing. Don’t forgot to be HONEST on your reviews. If you wish to have a exultant and authorized review sites then you need to be honest.

Especially on the physical products where sometimes it’s hard to get a review. On the other hand digital products are easier to obtain, just contact the seller online and ask for a review copy.

So what if your new to the field and vendors don’t know who you are.Just ask them nicely and explain how you will promote them and their product, who you are, what your doing, in other words, that they don’t have anything to loose, they will usually send you a review copy.


This is easy, buy the product if you think it’s worth the value. Then give an honest review of the product and talk about some of the one time offers.

Use some products you’ve already bought before to have some reviews on your review sites. Now when you show these vendors your review sites they will see that you already have reviewed products and have a professional site.

If a vendor still will not give you a review copy just move on to the next vendor. Every day there are more and more launches on Worrior plus and JVZoo.


This one is easy also. Simply go to Amazon or search Google even Youtube and find that product. Now look at what the buyer’s are saying about that product and wright a review based on there reviews.

Don’t forget about the products you, your friends, and family have.

6. Traffic 7167880 Web Traffic Green Road Sign Over Sky

Free Traffic

Here are 5 free traffic methods

  1. Do basic SEO and use a WordPress plugin called Youst SEO.
  2. One word Youtube.
  3. Facebook groups are a good way of driving traffic. (not so much the IM niche or MMO)
  4. Slideshare. (simply make short power points and drive free traffic)
  5. Email marketing. (Send out emails to your list of new reviews)

Paid Traffic

This will be short and sweet.

Now for paid traffic I only recommend 4

  1. Facebook ads (really targeted)
  2. Youtube ads
  3. Bing ads
  4. Google Adwords

Note: I would like to say that Youtube ads is threw Google Adwords and Bing is threw http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/ Paid traffic is the quickest traffic source. Look around for special deals an ads.

In conclusion

Just imagine for a minute of doing ten reviews a month on your review sites.

Now lets say one product makes you somewhere around $50-$100. Well then ten reviews should bring in around $500-$1,000 a month passive income.

Note: Do your research and target the right audience for a nice profit.

Hint: If you really want a successful review sites offer a bonus of value that your visitors can get for purchasing through your links. Have honest and quality reviews, this will help make you have trust and authorized plus adding to your authority.

Now it’s time for you to take action and earn a passive income of $500-$1,000 a month

All you need to do is.

  1. Choose the niche the review site is in.
  2. Choose a domain name
  3. Get some hosting
  4. Install WordPress and theme
  5. Review products
  6. Drive traffic (preferably free)
  7. Profit

That’s all there is to it.

I hope you found this post was helpful. If you liked it just think of what I send out to my email subscribers.

So sign up now and don’t miss another email.

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