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November 17, 2015 - william woolverton

Skyrocket Your Traffic – Here’s 10 Content Marketing Checklist Tips

Skyrocket Your Traffic – Here’s 10 Content Marketing Checklist Tips
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Content marketing is and can be a way of getting thousands of writers to your site, but some people don’t get those kinds of numbers.

How you’re running your marketing campaign has a lot to do with getting traffic.

Here is a basic checklist to use. Try these 10 contents marketing checklist tips to increased traffic.

1. Have you re-purposed and published your content on different outlets?

You can use places like

Haker news
Blokube (this one was built by bloggers for bloggers)
Social media today
Biz sugar
Business 2 community

Once you published your posts make a podcast, video presentation, or slide show among others.

re-purposing your content this way you will begin to see more views.

People use different mediums to process information.

2. Do you have a very clear and detailed strategy on how to market your content?

The first stage of an excellent content marketing plan is getting an understanding of what it is that you want from the content, your goal. Goals might be increased traffic, leads, or sales even.

The second is figuring out which content to use first. Look at your competitors and see what they have done, it probably works.

The third stage is the schedule with a content calendar. A content calendar is what gives your content marketing campaign structure.

3. You need two have a clear target audience.

You need to know and understand who your target audience is before writing your content.

Remember the more specific your target audience is, the better.

The more specific you make your content the more specific your audience will be making it easy to connect with them.

4. It is there a clear call to action in the content you’re promoting?
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The best CTA/call to action to be put is in the sidebar of your page, the left sidebar top corner to be exact. Why is mine in the right sidebar the website look and feel.

5. Does your content answer your target audiences questions?

In the end it’s, does my content provided value.

It does not matter how long your content is or how good your marketing efforts are if you don’t provide value. You must always provide value or your efforts will be trashed.

How do you do that? Try, no don’t try, but answer their questions they have.

A good way to do this is think of your perfect client and put yourself in their shoes. Then start listing all of their questions they will have.

The more questions you list and answer the more value your content.

6. Put a call to action at the end of the content.

If you don’t ask then you will not receive, sort of like if you build it they will come.

Have you ever noticed that all the best marketers put a clear call to actions at the end of their content. This being anywhere from just opting-in to purchasing a product.

On the other hand most newbies in the marketing field feel ashamed to ask for some sort of action.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some sort of action, don’t make that kind of mistake.

Make sure to put in a clear call to action in all your content.

7. Do you have an opt-in form?

It should be common sense to capture e-mail addresses but a lot of newbies.

The statement the money is in the list can’t be any more true.

you have their e-mail addresses you can get them to come back by sending them a link to relevant content you have written.

8. Does your content have subheadings?

People consume content differently from each other. Some scan, some actually read it, and some are just plain out viewers.

I’m telling you this because you have two understand the psychology behind the way people consume content.

It helps your content in a couple of ways, it easier to scan and SEO are just two.

9. Had you shared your content a few times?
4184588 content marketing
The reason is that your target audience is online at different times of the day.

Don’t worry your target audience won’t think your spamming.

Several marketers did some testing and well let’s just say they got zero complaints.

On the couple of rare occasions they did get a compliant they simply explained their actions and their audience was satisfied.

Here’s a tip I got. A lot of marketers do one sharing the same content is that they use different captions on their social updates, while sharing the same link.

10. Have you asked others to share your content?

You can go about asking others to share your content several different ways. It’s not as hard as you think. It’s also not as hard as other people would have you believe.

You can contact people several different ways social media platforms, comment on their blogs, send an email, or even in the forums that your target audience is in.

I had noticed I’ve gotten a better response from using e-mail or social media platforms.

Really important tip – when asking someone to share your content be willing to offer something in return.

Also, you will need two contact as many people, preferably ones with influence, as possible. The reason I’m telling you this is that a lot of people will one – ether ignore you, two – just flat out refuse to help.

Final thoughts

Yes., Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic. Yet depending on how you use it you could still get little or no traffic.

While the list above is far from complete I know you will see a significant boost and traffic.

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