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November 6, 2015 - william woolverton

What’s The Best Content For FaceBook

What’s The Best Content For FaceBook
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The easiest and fastest way is to look at your competitors and see what is working for them.

Another way is to examine your audience and niche. Think about what content they will respond too well.

By the way, I don’t practice what I preach right off the bat, but I do get there. Heck I have yet to set up a FaceBook fan page for this website. I do plan on doing it today, yea right, well maybe.

So, what kind of content to use for Facebook.

Well an expected mother wont have the same content needs as, let’s say video gamer. An expected mother is looking for content, good information and video gamers would probably respond better to a video.

It is unlikely to have “ one best” type of content, it’s best grate content for each individual niche.

Of course there is some content that seem to get more click through and shares than others. This type of content is what appeals to the current mindset of FaceBook. It’s a need for short entertaining content, of course before going back to Facebook.
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If you have been on Facebook then you have seen the clickbait articles or the top 10 lists.

They’re great for driving traffic. One reason being is because they fit the mindset of FaceBook users, they’re in list format with pictures or gifs that are easily consumed and understood.

Another thing is that they are meant to be funny and entertaining. The site owner can make some income from CPC/clicks per cost or CPM/clicks per impression in place for impression and their post.

You will find these lists on an external website in order to drive traffic effectively.
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Of course they are less effective at driving traffic two a FaceBook fan page.

Try sharing videos and images to get more likes. As far as share ability videos first, images second, and texts last.

Now just in case you’re like me and don’t have any videos go to YouTube, Tumblr or any video sharing site. Then start sharing funny and entertaining videos.

These are great ways to drive traffic, but remember it’s better to send targeted traffic especially if you’re trying to sell products. To get targeted traffic try sharing on relevant pages and that the product is relevant.

I hope this helps you on getting more likes and emails.

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