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November 4, 2015 - william woolverton

10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post in 1 1/2 Hours

10 Steps to Writing a Blog Post in 1 1/2 Hours.

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1. Start the night before. Plant the idea in your head the night before riding the blog. Your subconscious plays a huge part in your creativity. While you’re sleeping your mind will be going all over it, so plant that idea in your hand.

2. Use your down time to think. Always I mean always keep your pen and paper around. When you’re not doing much, think about your idea and just brainstorm. When you are most relaxed researchers say we are most creative, so just relax in your downtime and think.

3. Now it’s time to write go off-line, no I don’t mean literally. Turn your phone to silent, no emails, no social media, and no TV. You want there to be no distractions at all.

4. Listened to some easy music, something without vocals in it. Use something that won’t distract you, but relax you.

5. Set yourself a time limit. I myself use an alarm clock that I sent for 1 1/2 hours later from my start time. Then I try to beat my time making sure to write good content.

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6. Come up with a blog template. In truth you should already have one, so you can use it to help write your blog. Here are some hints. Start with your headline, don’t worry you can come back and tweek it later. First you need some kind of headline. Second a lead paragraph. Keep in mind your headline and lead paragraph need to grab the reader’s attention. Then tell a personal anecdote. After the story pivot into the objective statement then into your rational points, your bullet or numbered points, then your conclusion.

7. Just write do nothing else but right don’t go back and edit. You are using the right side of your brain when you write. When you stop to edit you use the left side of your brain. This slows you down. Right for about 45 mins and depending on where you are in you’re writing then go back and edit it.

8. O.K., Now edit your post make as easy to read and understand as possible. Take out big words and use little ones to get your meaning across.

9. Add photos to your post, people are very visual. Put in your links and don’t forget about your Metadata.

10. Preview a draft of your post in your web browser and proof read it again. How do the photos and look on your post? Look over your post a couple of times.

Here are a couple of hits. The more scalable your copy is the more likely it is to be read. Keep your paragraph short two about 2 to 3 sentences. Break up the copy using sub headlines, bullet points, or numbered lists. Anything that will break up your copy and make it more bite-size of information.

The real important thing here is if you can define a process or work flow for yourself and then refine it to what you know the steps are. It will be much faster for you to get in the groove.

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