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November 2, 2015 - william woolverton

Affiliate Programs – how to choose the right one

Affiliate Programs – how to choose the right one

9033436 Affiliate Marketing Pyramid Shows Emailing Blogging Adve

First thing I do is ask some questions before joining an affiliate program. Research the program you intend to join. Get your questions answered because that will be your deciding point.

1. Will it cost you money to join? Most affiliate programs out there are free to join so, why settle for less?

2. When will you be paid? Every affiliate program is different. They range from once a month, every quarter, etc. Some affiliate programs do not pay out until you reach or exceed a set amount. Choose an affiliate program suited for your payment time choice.
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3. How good is the hit per sale ratio? Based on all affiliate statistics this is the average number of text or banner links that generates a sale. These numbers are very important because it tells you how much traffic you must generate before making a sale.

4. How are referrals tracked and for how long from an affiliate site. You should be self assured that the program will track those prospects from your website. This is how you will get credit for said sale. Knowing how long a prospect stays in the system is also important. Some prospects don’t buy right away some return later to buy. You should know if you get credit when the prospect buys later on.
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5. What kind of affiliate stats are available to you? What kind of affiliate programs you choose should be able to offer detailed stats. You should be able to check them anytime you want online. It’s very important to check your individuals stats to know your impressions, hits, and sales from your site. The impressions are the number of times your texts or banner link was viewed. A hit is the number of times that text or banner link was clicked.

6. Do the affiliate programs you are looking at also pay for hits and the impressions? You should always try to find affiliate programs that pay for hits and impressions because this also adds to your earnings. You’ll find this extremely important if the affiliate programs you are in offers low sales to hit ratio.

7. Who is the online retailer? Find out with whom you are doing business with, are they a solid company, good history, etc. Know the products you will be promoting. The more you know about the retailer the better it is to make a decision on the affiliate programs offered.
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8. Are the affiliate programs one tier or two? A one tier affiliate program pays only you. A two tier affiliate program pays you for your work, but also pays you a small cut from an affiliate you brought on board the program.

9. How much commission will you be paid? I’ve seen commissions paid out from 5% – 100%. For hits I’ve seen .01% – .05% payout. Just incase you find any that payout for impressions its not much different from the hits. This is why you should understand the average sales amount and hit to sale ratio.

entering into any affiliate programs these are just some of the questions that need to be answered. Get familiar with the many important aspects that your chosen affiliate programs have before incorporating it into your website. With these questions and some of your own you will find the best affiliate programs for you.

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  • Dave says:

    Good pointers. If more people followed your advice, rather than being beguiled by “new, shiny, get-rich-quick,” they would actually make money.

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